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Seating Solutions are your bleacher seating experts.

Offering a wide range of bleachers from standard 3 row bleachers all the way up to 20,000 seat grandstands we have the option for you. Browse our bleacher products below to start building your seating solution.



Standard Bleachers

Seating Solutions carries a wide range of standard bleachers from 2 row portable bleachers all the way up to 20 row angle frame.


Seating Solutions specializes in the design, sale, and installation of custom grandstands.  We focus on design taking into account factors such as comfort, seat count, and sight lines.

Steel Bleachers

Seating Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas.

Ultimate Bench

If your goal is to create a cost effective general admission seating area then the answer is Ultimate bench seating. We have designed two versions of this Ultimate system.

Ultimate Seating System

Our Ultimate seating system is an all-aluminum system that is designed to rapidly install and uninstall.  Perfect for multi-use facilities, traveling performances, or temporary stadiums.
custom seating systems

Custom Seating Systems

Seating Solutions specializes in the design of custom outside the box seating systems that are unique to our client needs.