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When tight space and high guest volume is demanded, use our Ultimate bench style seating. Whether you want the benches tiered or ground level we can work up a layout to suite your space.

Without Seating Solutions and your individual contribution, the event would not have captured the look, feel and effect of being Front Row. Thank you for all of the care and personal touch…read more
Michael G. Romer, CEO, Garston Group

The Bravo Seat, VIP Tip Up Seat

Your ideal choice for premium indoor/outdoor tip up seat. With the Grid System, it can maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level.

Ultimate Bench

If your goal is to create a cost effective general admission seating area then the answer is Ultimate bench seating. We have designed two versions of this Ultimate system.

Ultimate Floor Track Seating

Ultimate floortrack maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level with a low profile track that lays flat on the floor, onto which our flip up chairs lock into place.