Seating SolutionsSeating Solutions specializes in the sales, rental and timely installation of custom designed spectator seating. We will design your seating system only after considering all the factors that affect YOUR unique application: the specific event or sport, location of spectators, sightlines, entry and exit positions, and your budget. Our experience shows that the small price difference between a Seating Solutions installation and the competition’s standard product is money well spent resulting in a higher level of comfort, easier access and maximum safety. This gives you a happier spectator and a more successful event. Purchasing or renting seating designed for your specific situation is your best value.



Our goal is to create a seating solution that specifically meets your unique requirements. We are not your average seating company that is happy selling you a bleacher from a catalogue with a "take it or leave it" attitude. If you are purchasing seating, whatever you choose, will be your legacy for the next 30+ years. When renting seating for a special event, you get one shot to get it right. At Seating Solutions we fully understand the need to get it right. We want to become part of the team that makes your facility or event a success. To that end we will spend the time and ask the questions. We will visit your facility or temporary venue and take measurements and give you our recommendations. We are your Seating Solution.
30 Years of Solutions...
Our design teams will work with you to achieve the highest level of safety, comfort and usability for your location. With our experience in design and installation we guarantee that you will not sacrifice sightlines or seat count to achieve your best Seating Solution! When purchasing make your best investment. Remember the seating system you choose will last for decades. Be sure to choose one that delivers the best long-term value, safety and maintenance free use.


Our in-house design team takes your ideas and the input from our sales consultants to re-create those concepts into an AutoCAD layout. By doing this you will be able to see exactly what we are proposing and how it will fit into your space. This also gives us the ability to make recommendations on increasing capacities and checking sightlines. Our 3 dimensional drawing and renderings allow you to truly grasp how your seating will look at your facility. Our designers will make adjustments to the layouts until we are all satisfied with the final drawing. We follow the toughest safety guidelines when creating your drawings and if required for the project will have these drawings stamped by an engineer to validate the seating system for permitting purposes. It's all part of our service!


To add to the "Full Service" that we offer all of our clients we now manufacture our seating systems in-house in both our New York and Dallas facilities. This not only guarantees a quality product but also a timely delivery of your project. We are not dependant on any other manufacturers. If we give you a delivery date, it will be there. All of our great products and services would not be complete without our factory-trained installers. With teams all over North America we guarantee that what you signed off on is installed courteously, efficiently and on time. There is no guess work as to what your total cost will be on the project. We take care of your project from start to finish!