Ovation is the evolution of Stadium Seating only available from Seating Solutions! Brand new to the US Market, the Ovation is streamlined for maximum comfort and spectator egress.  Ovation is extremely affordable and fully upgradeable.  Provides Maximum strength and durability in a cost effective package. 

Additional Features

Padded Seat Bottom and Back

Ovation upholstery cushions can be used on both the seat and the backrest or the seat only.  Cushions for outdoor environments are made of weatherproof vinyl and made to match seat color.  

Seat Numbers

Seat numbers on the Ovation are recessed to prevent tampering. Printed with UV stable inks, seat numbers are impervious weather damage and located on front edge for high visibility.

Cup Holders and Armrest

Cup Holders are available and can be front mounted or rear mounted. Literature Clips are available and rear mounted to reduce aisle clutter.

Spectator Egress

The Ovation seat in full close position allows for 25" of clearway on standard 30" tread depth. Spectators will have more room when walking through and past other guests.

Telescopic Application

Multiple fold-down mechanisms are available to fit your budget and chair module specs. Options are: Manual, Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic.

Ovation Color Wheel

Ovation is available in 17 standard plastic color options and are tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 4892 - 2 & 2 - Xenon Arc Testing 'Methods of Exposure of Laboratory Light Sources'