There are many ways to utilize the sponsorship ovals that are fixed prominently on the top front and back of each seat. This area can be used to display booster or alumni names, reserved seating names, and company sponsorship logos. The logos are highly visible and since there is a logo area on the back of each seat your branding will still be visible even when the seat is occupied. These are the only chairs on the market that can generate revenue for you every year, eventually paying for themselves in a short period of time. Add them to your marketing effort and increase cash flow from a totally untapped resource. Why install chairs that will cost you money when BleaChair can generate revenue for you year after year?

Ticket Sales

Spectators are willing to pay more for more comfortable seats, and that’s just what the BleaChair family of products provides. Universities and high schools are routinely able to increase ticket prices by 25 percent after installing our BleaChair seats. Fans are happy to pay as they enjoy a more comfortable game experience without the back pain of standard bleachers or the feeling of someone next to them hogging up all their space on the bleacher bench.

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The difference between sitting on a bench seat and sitting on a BleaChair are night and day. The bench has no lumbar or backrest support and puts strain on the lower back, decreasing the overall experience for your fans. When you add any of our BleaChair seats to a bench it instantly becomes much more comfortable by providing a lumbar support (BleaChair or BleaChair XL) or a full backrest (Maximus 28 or Maximus). The lumbar support and backrest have been designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for an even more comfortable experience.

The Maximus can take your college or minor league facility and make it look like the pros. Once you add BleaChair you will no longer have complaints from your fans about back pain even during overtime or extra innings. In a BleaChair you can enjoy whatever you are watching and focus on the game rather than when the game will be over.

All BleaChair products can be spaced at any interval allowing you to make your seats even more comfortable depending on your current capacity. The BleaChair line also insulates your fans from the cold aluminum planks of standard bleachers which is huge in cold climates or ice rinks. The BleaChair Maximus is the perfect alternative to bench with back seating supplying a personal, flexible, stadium seat instead of a hard, aluminum backrest that puts pressure on your back.



The BleaChair family of products comes in 6 standard colors (guaranteed for 2 years), with custom colors available for bulk orders. Whether you’re adding your team’s color, a checkered flag at a racetrack, or a sponsor’s name, BleaChair gives you the tools to design whatever you can imagine. Help raise team spirit by adding your team colors to your otherwise boring grey stadium and draw the attention to your chairs rather than your aging concrete or aluminum. Team letters or words can be spelled out in the seats depending on the design of your facility.



The BleaChair is not just about comfort it also increases safety in your facility. One of the biggest advantages of adding the BleaChair that often gets overlooked is that it is a seat identifier. The chair allows people to know where their seat starts and where it ends eliminating the need to jockey with someone next to you for position. No longer can people try to squeeze into rows closer to the action that are already full creating an unsafe environment. You also eliminate the issue of people placing their personal belongings on the seat planks and taking up other fans space. The BleaChair will help eliminate confrontations between fans and give everyone their own personal space that is undeniable.

How many times have you seen your fans walk up your aluminum benches rather than walking up the aisle? This is a liability as fans can fall walking up the planks and hurt themselves. The BleaChair makes it so fans can not walk up the planks and have to use the aisle, alleviating the issues associated with plank walking and also fans rushing the field or court.