The patented BleaChair Maximus 28 is the slightly smaller cousin of our BleaChair Maximus chair. Equipped with all of the attributes of the Maximus seat it is slightly shallower and designed to fit in 28″ tread depths. This compact design allows for the high back comfort of the Maximus in the tight row spacing of as little as 28″. Constructed of durable high impact polypropylene and guaranteed for 3 years of UV color resistance the Maximus 28 is a cost effective seating option for any application. Perfect for VIP/ Alumni sections, reserved seating, or a whole stadium. The chair installs easily to concrete, aluminum, and wood benches and is perfect for new construction or retrofits of existing facilities. The Maximus 28 utilizes a sponsorship oval on the front and back of the chair, allowing for fundraisers through booster clubs, alumni, or corporate sponsorship. Available in 6 standard colors, custom colors available on bulk orders. Please call for pricing. Ask us about our 3 year payment program.
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Product Specs


  • Designed with high mechanical resistance and durability via an internal rib system.
  • Thermoplastic material is UV resistant for color fastness in all environments
  • Weep holes in the center of the seats guarantees total water drainage.
  • Three tamper proof plugs cover attachment points.
  • Area for seat numbering on front of chair.
  • Area on front and back of chair for sponsorship signage.
  • Second largest chair in the BleaChair family of products.


  • 17 7/8″ x 15 1/2″ x 19″ (W,D,H)


  • Single Unit (Each)


  • Copolymer of Polypropylene PP (Thermoplastic Material)

Creation Method:

  • Injection Molded

Installation Options

The BleaChair seats are designed to attach to any substrate. We have hardware for all applications and mostly use self tapping “tek” screws, concrete anchors, wood screws, and “riv nuts”. Each different type of hardware has its own unique application and our sales staff can help you pick out the best one for your project.


Standard Colors


Project Spotlights

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OKC Energy, Taft Stadium – Prodigal

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