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Seating Solutions specializes in the design, sale, and installation of custom grandstands. We focus on design taking into account factors such as comfort, seat count, and sight lines. All of our grandstands are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and meet or exceed applicable codes. Safety is our top priority and all of our bleachers are designed to maximize safety and limit your liability. Our in house AutoCAD team will draw your bleachers at no charge or obligation, allowing you to see exactly what you are getting beforehand and assisting you in your project design process. Please call us to discuss your grandstand needs and request pricing.

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Ask about how you can design your system to grow with you by creating a fully upgradable system that can be seamlessly expanded and have chairs added at any time

Key Features include

  • Clear Span Understructure – Allows space underneath the stands for restrooms, concessions & locker rooms.
  • Galvanized steel Understructure – Rugged, durable & long lasting this industrial finish provides the best protection and least maintenance in the industry!
  • Versatility – Grandstands can be designed to accommodate a variety of site conditions from existing structures to hillsides, from bowl shaped stadiums to 1/8 mile drag strips and more!
  • Aluminum Decking – Outdoor Aluminum offers 3 different decking Systems, all of which are designed to stand up to the heaviest traffic.
  • Anodized Aluminum Seating – Our highly durable, maintenance free finish keeps it’s clean neat look, event after event, season after season!
  • Product Specs

    • In-house manufacturing allows us to build to your exact requirements
    • Code compliant 1:12 slope ramps
    • Aluminum or steel stairs available
    • Available for sales or rentals



    Custom Options: Because our system is so flexible your custom options are almost limitless!

    • Decking – Semi-closed, Welded Deck and Tredweld plus decking, from the economy of our semi-closed deck to the most advance decking system in the industry Tredweld Plus, we have a decking solution to fit your needs.
    • Seating – Bench seating, contoured seating, backrest & Venue 1 chairs.
    • Color – Outdoor Aluminum utilizes a powder coatings system that offers standard RAL colors, providing our customers with 100’s of colors to choose from.
    • Press boxes – Pre-wired modular units with multiple rooms, heating and cooling, large spacious windows & camera decks.
    • Egress – Ramps, stairs, mezzanines, walkways and vomitories, help you get to where you need to be.
    • And So Much More – There’s too much to list! Browse our site and you’ll see the options and versatility of our Grandstands are truly amazing!

    Our sales team is available to answer any questions regarding pricing, quotes, installation requirements and more.