UV Advantage

The clever seat geometry ensures that when the seat is in the ‘tip-up’ position it entirely covers the backrest.The seat closes in line with the backrest, protecting it from harmful UV exposure. This vastly reduces discolouring and vignette-like fading; the underside is the only part of the chair that is exposed.

In combination with The BOX Seats high UV stabilising additives, The BOX Seat lasts longer and looks smarter throughout its life cycle.


Soft Action “Tip-Up” Mechanism

The clever geometry and Soft Action “Tip-Up” Mechanism of The BOX Seat eliminates ‘scissor-action’ finger traps, preventing injuries which can be caused by metal brackets in many seat designs. The silent, soft-action rotation mechanism produces a smooth, sophisticated feel and performs to over 400,000 cycles.


Superior Comfort

The ergonomic and anthropometric-focused design of The BOX Seat delivers the highest level of spectator comfort. The integrated cushion system in many models maintains the correct ergonomic profile and provides superior lumbar support. The cushion edge is also highly protected from “wear and tear” by passers-by as it is recessed into the seat.


Tight-Folding Design

The Tight-Folding Design of The BOX Seat enables the widest available ‘clearway’ between rows, doubling spectator accessibility and improving disabled user comfort. Improving ‘clearway’ accelerates access and egress from the venue, enhancing crowd safety in the event of an emergency. Maximising ‘clearway’ also serves to increase revenue; halving the time taken for customers to reach vendor facilities.


Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability is at the forefront of The BOX Seat design.
The seat geometry is engineered to reduce material and energy consumption.
The patented seat tilting mechanism reduces the weight of the chair by over 2.5kg when compared to counterweight seat tipping systems. The compact design reduces storage and transportation whilst enhancing speed and ease of installation time, minimising labour and energy inputs.

All components can be recycled or reused, minimising global footprint

UV and weather protection ensures a long product life, optimising sustainability of the overall refurbishment


Improved Way-Finding

The location of seat and row numbers is designed to improve way-finding within the venue. The High Rail System ensures that row numbers are clearly visible above obstructions such as steps and seat numbers are as close to eye level as possible. Seat numbers are not tilted downwards, as with some other seating products.

Clear lenses protect number decals and allow for easy replacement or interchange with seat customisation for particular events.