The BOX Seat 908 incorporates a soft seat and backrest insert, providing the ultimate solution to spectator comfort. Pioneered as one of the first fully-padded stadium seats in the world- the BOX Seat 908 has acquired the reputation of being “the most comfortable stadium seat” on the market.

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Product Specs


  • Most compact folded up dimension in the industry
  • Can be spaced at any interval, even 18″
  • No finger pinch points or area to catch clothing
  • Ergonomic design creates most comfortable seat in the industry
  • Replacement of vandalized or broken chairs can be done in as little as one minute
  • Interior spring tip up mechanism
  • Chair comes fully assembled and ready for install
  • Installs Via rail and patented strap system
  • Can be riser or tread mounted


  • 17.5″x22.25″x35.5″ (WxDxH)


  • Copolymer of Polypropylene PP (Thermoplastic Material)

Standard Colors:

Graphite Black
Arctic Grey
Cystal White
Royal Blue
Indigo Blue
Emerald Green
Pearl Green
Scarlet Red
Golden Yellow
Ochre Yellow

Superior Comfort


The ergonomic and anthropometric-focused design of The BOX Seat delivers the highest level of spectator comfort.
Developed from the latest World Health Organization data, The BOX Seat offers the most up-to-date human engineering available. The integrated cushion system in many models maintains the correct ergonomic profile and provides superior lumbar support. The cushion edge is also highly protected from “wear and tear” by passers-by as it is recessed into the seat.

Installation Options

‘Set & Forget’ Strap System


The ‘Set & Forget’ Strap Fixing System firmly secures the seat to the rail. Unlike many other seat designs, periodic tightening maintenance isn’t required, so operational costs are further reduced. The major advantage of the patented strap technology is that the fixing won’t loosen, unlike clamping mechanisms which loosen over time from a condition called ‘creep’.

Strap technology is particularly important, as it can be impossible to determine if a clamp has loosened and the spectator is at risk of falling.

Improved Way-Finding


The location of seat and row numbers is designed to improve way-finding within the venue. The High Rail System ensures that row numbers are clearly visible above obstructions such as steps and seat numbers are as close to eye level as possible. Seat numbers are not tilted downwards, as with some other seating products.

Clear lenses protect number decals and allow for easy replacement or interchange with seat customisation for particular events.

Optional Accessories

Make use of a select line of accessories for all Box Seat Models. The Slim Armrest and cup holder add-ons are perfect for compact seating installations, where the distance available between seats is limited. It is engineered from a durable polymer and can withstand the wear and tear associated with high-volume spectator events.


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