Eclipse Seating is the perfect economical choice of stadium seating. Simply refined with a single element construction, the all-polymer, soft action ‘tip-up’ seat is both lightweight and durable, with a built-in accessory compartment for added versatility.

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Product Specs

Eclipse Back:

  • Non upholstered, one-piece, high impact polymer back
  • Ergonomic, contemporary design
  • Finished height of 31.7” with an envelope of 11.8”
  • Available for use on rail based system
  • Semi-upholstered, padded back is available
  • Available with rear-mounted cupholder


Eclipse Seat


  • Non upholstered, one-piece, high impact polymer seat
  • Ergonomic, contemporary design
  • Semi-upholstered, padded seat is available
  • Meets 600 lb. static load test and surpasses 100,000 cycles without failure in the ASTM-851-87 Test Method for Self Rising Seat Mechanisms
  • Seat life mechanism is completely enclosed

Rail Mount System

  • Extruded anodized aluminum rail attached to steel stanchions treated for outdoor use.
  • Rail-mount system is available for floor or riser mounting.
  • Center arms available with a single integrated armrest, double integrated armrests rail mount (regular or with cupholder) or without armrest completely.
  • Aisle ends are available with the integrated armrests, rail mount armrests, without an armrest or with a rail mount aisle panel.


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