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  • NBA Allstar Game - AT&T Stadium
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Ultimate Floor Track Seating

Ultimate floortrack maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level with a low profile track that lays flat on the floor, onto which our flip up chairs lock into place. Standard folding chairs require a minimum of 36″ of row spacing. Even then it is very difficult to walk past someone that is already seated. Our Ultimate floortrack holds the flip up chair so that the row spacing is 30″. With this space saving set up we can add more rows of chairs in a given space. Due to the automatic flip up design of the chair, once someone stands up the seat flips up allowing ample space for guests to get by one another.

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  • Installs and removes faster than conventional folding chairs.
  • The 20″ wide seats are very comfortable with or without the optional padded seat covers.
  • The floor track system maintains a comfortable 30″ of space between each row.
  • Chairs cannot be picked up, moved out of alignment or stolen because they are locked into place.
  • Floor track is ideal for setting up on grass, dirt or blacktop – any ground where folding chairs have a tendency to sink. Floor track spreads the weight of the chair (and person seated) over a greater area and prevents the chairs from sinking.
  • Due to the automatic tip up mechanism, the flip up chair does not allow water to pool on the seat as it flips up vertically when not in use.



Sponsorship, branding, personalization seat label options Available. Add additional comfort and style with our padded seat cover options.




Upgrade Your Seat

Offer a higher end, luxurious seat option to your VIP guests.

The Bravo Seat, VIP Tip Up Seat

Your ideal choice for premium indoor/outdoor tip up seat. With the Grid System, it can maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level.

Downloadable Content

Download a dimension sheet to see the difference between your standard folding chair seat option and our Ultimate Floortrack seating


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