We offer various seating accessories to ensure a flawless seating event. See a few of the options we offer below or download a product deck.



Luxury Padded Seat Covers

Add to your flip up seat our black padded seat cover for extra comfort and style. Customizable embroidered logo options available.


Cupholder & Armrest Options

Do you want to give your guests a place to rest their arms and hold their cups? Then add arm rests and cup holders to your Ultimate flip up seating system. Your guests will thank you.


Let Us Help You Find Your Seat

Seat/row numbering, directional signage and custom seat labeling are all part of the extras that Seating Solutions can provide to make your event run smooth and create a consistence guest flow.


Carpet Flooring

Does your event require a quiet audience? Add our commercial grade carpet to your Ultimate system to create a rich theater environment and lessen the noise of those tapping feet.


Clean Scrim Covers

Do you want to create a finished look at your event? Use our black scrim to cover the understructure. This will also keep your guests from entering under the stand.


Wind Screen Options

Looking for a clean, reliable way to shield your under passages or walkways? Our wind screen options provide a sleek and easy solution for a more finished walkway. Custom colors may vary, contact us for all specific details.