Seating Solutions brings the stadium to you!

Do you need to fill in those bare areas to complete your stadium or gain maximum guest entry? Choose our Ultimate, modular seating system. We will work in tight spaces to give you guest seating where you never knew you could. The Ultimate flip up seat comes in several colors to blend with your existing stadium. Ask about our custom mitered layouts.

Check out our latest stadium add-on at the StubHub Center below

The Bravo Seat, VIP Tip Up Seat

Your ideal choice for premium indoor/outdoor tip up seat. With the Grid System, it can maximizes the quantity of seats in a given space at floor level.



Client Testimonials

“Thanks to you and your team for the seating request at Milton Hershey School. We appreciate all your efforts.”
– Milton Hersey School

“It was a pleasure working with you this summer. We appreciate your kindness and generosity and we look forward to working with you again soon! Thanks and all the best”
– Blue Ridged sports and Entertainment and High Major Events

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Ultimate Flip-Up Seating

With virtually no hardware the system dismantles remarkably quickly. The modular design of the system allows our design team to maximize the amount of seats.

Staircases, ADA Platforms, Ramps and Walk Through Access

We provide modular stages and custom ramps, staircases and ADA lifts throughout temporary venues. We will design and build to meet your specific requirements.

Modular Buildings, Press Boxes, Ticket Booths

Seating Solutions provides pre-fabricated press box and luxury suites of all shapes and sizes. A pre-fabricated structure can give you added flexibility as it can be moved easily from field to field or event to event.